Washing machine breakdown repairs in Hammersmith

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May 6, 2016
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June 2, 2016

There are many issues that your machine can face, and one of the components that is prone to breakdown is the motor. Washing machine repairs Hammersmith have to do with an issue with the motor most of the time. Besides the motor, the machine can have issues related to the drainage, the drum, electrical issues and so on. The motor is actually a central unit within your washer and it is what drives the whole machine. Without the motor, nothing in the machine can really work. If there is any kind of issue within your machine, there is a great chance that the source is actually connected to the motor. This is because the motor is the sole provider of the power that is needed for all the internal elements to work within the machine. This includes the clutch, the pump, the gearbox and the agitator. Things that you can expectWashing machine repairs Hammersmith are needed immediately once a problem arises in your machine. When the motor fails, all other components will also fail. Common signs of motor issues include:Washer not spinning or pumping: This can happen when the machine doesnt pump water out or into the machine or spin properly. This can happen even when the motor runs. This can be caused by a lid switch that has failed. Pumps that dont spin: The switches can cause the washer to actually pump water but fail to spin. A broken coupler or runner/plastic connector can also be responsible for interrupting the transmission,. In such a case, replacement has to be done immediately. A washer that refuses to agitate: An agitator is often designed to have your clothes go round before they get to the spin cycle. When the washer fails to agitate, there are other parts that could be responsible: a faulty lid switch, the coupler, a belt or clutch that is worn out or a pulley or motor that has failed. Regardless of the situation, it is important to ensure that you get the machine repaired as soon as possible.

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