Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve

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September 25, 2014
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The following article explains a series of steps which allow you to install a pressure reducing valve. Step 1: Install the pressure reducer valve as close as you can to the main water shut off in order to protect your entire help. Also double check to guarantee your home has a high water pressure. Then put the gauge on the water heater or on the outside sillcock. The gauge may read a little higher than you expect because of the amount of water in the heater. Step 2: Shut off the water heater and the water and drain the system. Step 3: Complete a loop back installation. An in-line application usually has the pressure reducer valve installed into it. However, if there isnt enough room for the fitting then a loop back installation will be required. Start off by using a pipe cutter to remove the pipe sectioned from the main water line. Also, be sure to have a bucket close by so you can catch any leaking water from the line. Step 4: Remove and clean the pipe. Then apply flux and attach the elbow to the main water line. Step 5: Solder an extension piece. Make sure you heat each fitting with a torch and then apply solder to each joint. In addition, apply Teflon paste to the mounted fitting and unscrew the union from the reducing valve. Step 6: Attach the reducing valve and the union. Step 7: Attach a coupling and elbows to the extension.Step 8: Turn on the water and solder joints.Step 9: Installation of the water hammer arrestors. Step 10: Attach hammer arrestorsIf you need a pressure reducing valve installed, then be sure to contact Plumbers Hammersmith since we can provide one of our experienced plumbers who will fix any problem you have. We also offer a variety of services which includes plumbing, drainage, heating and appliances.

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