Maintaining a Water Heater

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October 31, 2014
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December 21, 2014
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Every household needs a functioning water heater in order to have a warm shower on a cold English morning and it is important to maintain your water heater because they are very expensive. If you fail to maintain your water heater, you might be seeing a huge repair cost bill to fix it. The following tips and general information will help you check, flush and maintain your water heater so you can have that warm shower. Firstly, turn off the water shut off valve. Then if you have a gas water heater, adjust the gas valve to Pilot which will prevent the burners from coming from the flushing process. However, if it is electric then turn off the circuit breakers. Also, for a gas water heater, guarantee the flue is draining air adequately. You can do this by lighting a match next to the bell housing and watching the smoke hopefully go up the flue. In addition, test the temperature relief by putting a bucket below the extension pipe and then open the valve. The water should flow when the valve is opened and stop when switched off. You should also check the pilot light on gas units which can be done by seeing if it is burning blue. In addition, check the burner operation by removing the flame shield and look at the flames to see if they are steady and burning blue. Furthermore, you should drain the sediment from the tank which can be done by attaching an end of a garden hose to the drain valve and the other end near a basement floor drain. Warning for all the maintenance tasks: be careful because the water may be extremely hot. If you need any maintenance or repairs completed on your water heater, be sure to contact Plumbers Hammersmith because we guarantee one of our experienced workers will be able to satisfy you with their rapid service.

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