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May 8, 2016
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June 25, 2016
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Years ago everyone had to wash dishes by hand. There was not a simple machine to stack everything into, push a button and walk away. It is amazing how dependent we have become on this nifty appliance. When it breaks down there is the instant panic that sits in and without thinking twice a professional is called for the repair.
Before hitting the panic button think about the situation and the solution. It is common for households to have hard water. Hard water is known for making the dishes look like they are not clean, because of all the spots that are left behind. There are many different water softeners that can be purchased at the store for the dishwasher. When following the directions the softener will make those spots disappear.
When the dishwasher stops is there still small drops of food on the dishes? This could mean the water is not getting hot enough for properly cleaning the dirty dishes. The proper temperature for the water should be set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If the boiler says anything less then make the quick adjustment.
Not everyone knows the proper technique for loading the silverware basket on the inside of the dishwasher. It might be tempting to toss the knives in with the point facing down. This is a fatal mistake. If the silverware are put in wrong then there is a risk of them falling out and getting caught in the sprinkler. This could cause the dishes to appear dirty, because the dishwasher is not properly working. Rule of thumb, all handles rest on the bottom of the basket.
A few simple solutions will save the cost of calling a dishwasher repairs Hammersmith. The dishwasher will once again come in handy for cleaning those dirty dishes.

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